Full Bleed is a journal of art and design published annually by the Maryland Institute College of Art. 
We publish work that inspires, critiques, and informs the work of contemporary artists and designers. In opposition to the many forces that demean and divide humanity, we stand for the civilizing influences of aesthetic experience and progressive design.

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Working process

Full Bleed Journal  Summer 2017 | Issue 01
The Migration Issue

Dimensions: 7in x 10in
Feature on AIGA Design Diary
Editor: Paul Jaskunas  |  Design Advisors: Jeff Glendenning
Designers: Fangting Gu, Potch Auacherdkul, Daniel Spurgin |  Web Designer: Katja Flükiger
Associate Editors: Louis Block, James Cole, Yea Sul Lee, Wen Li
Contributors: Hermann Adler, Omnia Amin, Louis Block, Bridget de Gersigny, Rena Effendi, Jeremy Fernando, Amanda Kolson Hurley, Tanja Langer, Harry 
Mattison, Saul Myers, Ibrahim Nasrallah, Schirin Nowrousian, Shin Yu Pai, Nathlie Provosty, Alessandro Teoldi, Wendy S. Walters, Melissa Weiss
Front Cover Photography by Rena Effendi  |  Back Cover Photography by Harry Mattison

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